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The Whole Story

The very Beginning: (A very brief description of the history of Wakeology Wakeboards)…

In 1998 after a six hour drive to Lake Powell and arriving very late at night, Wakeology was brought to life at the Ticaboo Lodge.

Rewind a couple of years…

Before the official birth of Wakeology, founder Jason Judd had been drawing, designing and shaping wakeboards by hand. At that time the company was a hobby company going under the name of Huffa Boards. Although Jason was proud of the background of Huffa, his gut instinct was telling him that this company needed a name that would be more easily identifiable by wakeboarders around the world. Enter a six hour drive/brainstorming session to one of the greatest lakes on the planet. Enter Wakeology! (Huffa is now a sister company to Wakeology offering bad ass skate products and other goods!) www.Huffa.com

Early Years:

The early years were all about enjoying the sport and running a business based on passion. But as the years passed, there was an “itch” to do more. It was time to step up our game, and it was time for Wakeology to become a better ambassador for the sport. From this point there was a lot of blood, sweat, tears, time, marketing, money, listing, testing, fighting, cheering, cursing, growing, learning, selling, hustling, happy, stressed, stoked, team building, idea generating, hot damn, relentless, traveling, networking, social media, boat, cable, winch, riding, filming, sleepless nights, drama, z high five, shipping, carving, molding, shaping, building, pushing and evolving to get to right now.

Now, and moving forward:

We are super stoked to be part of this industry and to continuously carve out our niche in the wake scene. We are here for the long run and will always grow in a sustainable manner. We are dedicated athletes and weekend warriors. We are passionate about water sports and will continue to do everything in our power to make them better! We are excited to meet riders around the world and shred their home lakes and cables with them. We will continue to listen to those who love this sport!

And back to where we started…

Wakeology is a Wakeboard Brand that exists because the people involved in the company are absolutely passionate about Wake Sports. We are independent and we are grassroots. Our mission is to progress, promote, and bring new life to Wake Sports.

The Wakeology Crew

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