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COVEFEST 2015 IS HERE!!! This year at CoveFest we will have:

– Hanging Out
– Best Trick Competition
– G23 Demos with White Lake Marine
– Wakeology Wakeboard and WakeSurf board Demos on WLM G23


Place: Falls Lake (see image)
When: Saturday, 7.25.15
Time: 11:00 am Meetup; 12:00 pm Contest Start



CoveFest Contest Registration:

Every Rider must have an active WWA or INT Membership to Compete. WWA Yearly memberships are available on their website for $60, If you do not want to sign up for a full year, a guest membership will be available at the Contest for $30. You will need to fill out the form and provide a Credit Card number on-site before your run.

Contest Rules:

The format of this Contest is “Best Trick”.

– Each Rider will get One Run
– One Run consists of Two passes through the course.
– On each pass, the rider should throw 1 trick to be judged.
– Each rider will be guaranteed two trick attempts. This means that if you fall on your First pass, you will be picked up by the boat and allowed to attempt another trick on your second pass.
– The highest of the 2 scores will be counted and judged against the other riders in your division


– All Grabs
– All FS 180 (including switch)
– Combined Grabs and 180s allowed

– All Beginner Tricks
– Spins up to 360
– Basic Inverts; HS/TS Backroll, Scarecrow, Tantrum
– Rider can combine a grab with any of the above

– Anything Goes


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