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Pootz- Tweaking from our last years pootz keeping and sticking to the basics, delivering an easy ride with a premium level of control. Built to take your skills to the next level. Features a powerful response that releases an explosion of the top of the wake, but still being able to take it out to the flats for a soft landing. Tested and built to take it to the cable, winches then throw on your fins and shred behind the boat receiving massive pop, effortless edge to edge control. Featuring a smooth feel, this epic ride delivers a smooth ride on features and water

Rocker Type: Continuous
Flex: Flex where you want it! More stiffness
in the center and more flex in the tip and
tail = stability as you press the day away.
Designed Specifically For: Cable, Rail, Winch, Obstacle
Skill Level: Intermediate/Advanced
Length: 135.00cm/ 138.00 cm / 142.00 cm
Slider Base: Extremely durable, withstands
abuse from all types of obstacles.
ABS Rails: 360 degree edge protection.
Fin Configuration: Two removable outer
fins on each end.

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